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The latest book in the Little Stories series

Teach your children about evolution in the complementary story, Little Changes. Part of the Little Stories series.

Dr Tiffany Taylor is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Bath within the Milner Centre for Evolution where she is also a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow.

Tiffany is a mum of two, a scientist to some, a lover of nature and a child at heart. She is an advocate of science outreach for young audiences and is driven by the unedited amazement that comes from eager young minds.

Tiffany has authored 3 books on genetics/evolution for primary aged children. Find out about the others by following this link.

James Munro is a Liverpool based animator and illustrator. James is an incessant doodler, and is excited to learn new techniques to bring his drawings to life.

James is an expert communicator and works with people and industries to bring ideas to life. These include, the NHS, Jeans for Genes charity, Share Action, Edge Hill University and University of Liverpool (to name a few). His work has also been short-listed for a BMA Information Award.

Made possible by funding from the Genetics Society

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